10: NO jewelry, chains, watches, rings, earrings, nose rings, metal
      or precious metals of any kind will be worn on the field by a
      player of The Bay County Pony League.All Medi-Ident tag
      jewelry will be taped down to the player’s body for the duration
      of the game.
​11: The Bay County Pony League will have in effect a two (2) hour
      time limit on all League play ball-games. The Umpire will inform
      both Managers at One-hour and Forty-five minutes into the
      game that they will have 15 minutes with which to finish the ball
      game. No inning will be started after the limit, but the inning will
      be completed. All ties, delayed, and suspended games, will be
      played as per Official Rules of Major League Baseball of game
12: Bay County Pony League will have in local play and use the
      declared walk rule. The pitcher is to address the umpire and
​      inform him/her of his/her wishes.​
13: The Manager or Coach is required to use a mandatory courtesy
      runner for the catcher after two (2) outs has been achieved in
      the game. If the manager chooses he can use a courtesy
      runner for the catcher any time in the game, but it is not
      mandatory move. In all cases the player must be in uniform and
      must inform the umpire. The player used for this mandatory
      move will NOT be affected, or count, as play within the game.
      The Manager may use any player upon his bench and NOT in
​      the present game.
14: Players, Managers and Coaches shall remain in the dugouts,
      on the benches or in prescribed areas throughout the game.
​15: Cell phones, Pagers or any other types of communication
      devices cannot be used on the field of play except for purposes
      of scoring the game.​
16: The use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs shall not be



THE OFFICIAL RULES:  Regulations for Pony Baseball used in the Bay County Pony League will be the latest edition of “Official Rules of Major League Baseball” with the exceptions and variations contained in the “Pony Baseball Rules and Regulations for Pony League Baseball”, and with local variations. 

​1: Bay County Pony League, Constitution and By-Laws and league
2: Pony Baseball Rules and Regulations. 
3: Official Rules of Major League Baseball.

1: A pitcher shall not pitch in more then seven innings on the same
    calendar day. 
2: A pitcher shall be allowed to pitch in no more then 10 innings in one
    calendar week. 
3: Pitcher shall have at least 40 hours rest after pitching on the same
​    calendar day in:  Four or more innings. 
​4: As soon as the umpire say’s “Play Ball” or “Pitch” the pitcher shall be
    considered as having pitched in one inning. 
5: The 40 hours rest rule is computed from the scheduled starting time of
    the game in which the pitching occurred.  
6: A pitcher is charged with the number of innings pitched in specific
    calendar day and week in which they are pitched, regardless of
    whether they are local league games, the playoff of postponed games
    or suspended games, tie games or exhibition games or games pitched
    with another team or association.

PLAYING RULES:  Bay County Pony League Game Rules 
1: The calendar week for the Bay County Pony League will Begins at
    12:01am, Sunday morning and ends at 12:00 Midnight Saturday.  
​2: The re-entry rule to be used in Bay County Pony League is the rule in
    effect with Pony Baseball League. (Page 17 Playing Rules K) With the
    exception of the pitcher, (as in the Constitution and By-Laws) who may
    be allowed to be substituted once offensively during a game while
    his/her team is at bat, the pitcher must reenter the game as the pitcher
​    at the beginning of the next inning to be eligible to pitch in that game. 
3: Any player serving as a catcher to warm up a pitcher shall wear a
    headgear and mask, whether the pitcher is warming up from the
    mound, in the bullpen or elsewhere. 
4: Player, Coaches and or Managers ejected from a ball game will be
    required to sit out the team’s next ball game. 
​5: Managers on the field will be in uniform, except for the first game of
    the evening, Monday through Friday. All Coaches will be properly
    attired as determined by the League to be allowed on the base paths.
    NO shorts or T-shirts will be worn. Ask what properly attired would be.  6: NO metal cleats will be allowed in the BCPL during local league play. 
7: NO doughnuts will be allowed in the BCPL during local play. Lead bats
    or warm-up pipes, (doughnuts) will be allowed for play as long they are
    fixed to the bat and will NOT come off. 
8: Visitors will have 1st base dugout and have infield first. Home team will
    have 3rd base dugout. 
9: Home team is in charge of field preparation; setting up the field for the
    game, rack out the field and base lines. Visitors will collect the 50/50
    raffle. After completion of the last game of the evening, or the last
    game on a weekend day, the Home team will be responsible for
​    picking up the bases, signs, turning off the lights and locking up.

"For the 2017 season, all non-wood 2-5/8 bats used in the Bay County Pony League must be BBCOR certified.  If a player chooses to use a non-wood 2-1/4" bat, it must be stamped approved for Pony League." 

"Serving the Youth of Bay County since 1952"