2017 BCPL Baseball Quiz 1:

In each of the following you are given a situation and at least two possible answers. You are to decide which answer or answers and or ruling are correct for Bay County Pony League.

1.   With R2 on second, F1 momentarily stops during his delivery and then immediately continues. B1 lines a single scoring R2. A balk is called.
A.  The ball is immediately dead
B.  The ball is delayed dead
C.  R2 is allowed to score and B1 remains on first
D.  R2 is awarded third and B1 must return to bat
E.  The offensive team may choose between c and d

2.  With no runners on base, B1 hits a high fly to short center. The wind-blown ball eludes F8 as B1 pulls into second. B1 rounds second, feint to third and are on his way back to second, when F8 fires the ball over F5's head into the dugout. B1 is awarded:
A.  Second (the base he Wes approaching)
B.  Third
C.  Home

3.  The pitcher is prohibited from touching his hand to his mouth while he is standing anywhere within the 18-foot circle surrounding the pitcher's plate, (15-foot circle for Pony Baseball.) He may go to his mouth while outside that circle as long as he wipes it off before he touches the ball or the pitcher’s plate. If he goes to his mouth inside the circle (on the dirt), including while he is on the rubber, the ball is immediately removed from play and a warning is issued to the pitcher. Any subsequent violation is called a ball. However, if the pitch is made and a batter reaches first base on a hit, error, hits batsman or otherwise and no other runner is put out before advancing at least one base, the play proceeds without reference to the violation.     Yes or No

4.  As R2 is halfway to third, F7 catches B1's foul fly and his momentum carries him into the dead-ball area for the bullpen. F7 throws from there and retires R2, who had returned to tag and made a belated attempt for third.   Need a Ruling:

5.  Which of the following are balks with a runner on base?
A.  Before coming to the stop in the set position, the pitcher slowly moves his shoulders to eye a runner at first.
B.  After coming to the stop in the set position, the pitcher slowly his shoulders to eye a runner at first.
C.  The pitcher attempts a pick-off move from the wind-up position.
D.  The pitcher jump-spins on the rubber and attempts a pick-off at first.
E.   None of the above.
F.   All of the above.

6.  B1 hits the ball down the right-field line and F9 throws his glove at the ball, but does not touch it. B1 trips over first and does not advance any farther.
A.  B1 is awarded third.
B.  B1 is awarded second.
C.  The play stands.
D.  F9 is ejected.

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7.  F1's first pitch to B1 is in the dirt and hits the front edge of the plate. B1 check his swing and the ball bounces up and glances off the bat into the air. F2 catches the ball before it hits the ground.
A.  Foul tip; strike one
B.  B1 is out
C.  B1 is out only if it's the third strike.
D.  Ball one.

8.  With the bases loaded and one out, B1 hits into the gap and is thrown out trying for second. On appeal, R2 is called out for missing third, ending the inning.  Your Ruling:

9.  R1 is stealing on the pitch. B2 swings and misses but is hit by the pitch. Your Ruling:

10.  With R1 on first, F1 from the set position changes direction, but dose not come to a complete and discernible stop.
A.  F1 has balked.
B.  R1 is awarded second.
C.  A ball is awarded to the batter.
D.  There is no violation.

11.  B1 hits a high pop foul. F1 hops over the short fence into the dugout and catches the ball.  Your Ruling:

12.  With R1 on first attempting to steal on a 0-1 count and one out, B1 swings and misses and interferes with F2's attempt to throw out R1. R1 is initially safe at second, but over slides and is tagged out.   Your Ruling.

13.  With R2 on second, the catcher tries to return the ball to the pitcher after a pitch, but F2 bumps the plate umpire and the ball sails over F1's head. R2 breaks for third but is thrown out on a lose play.
A.  R2 is returned to second.
B.  The out stands.

14.  With R2 on second and one out, F5 plays in, expecting a bunt. B1 swings away and the ball deflects off F5's glove, remains in the air, and floats toward third where F6 is coming to cover the bag. Just as F6 is about to grab the ball, it hits R2 and drops to the ground uncaught. Both R2 and B1 are safe. The umpire judges that R2 did not deliberately interfere with the batted ball.
A.  The ball remains live.
B.  The ball is immediately dead.
C.  Only B1 is out.
D.  Only R2 is out.
E.  Both B1 and R2 are out.
F. The play stands.

15.  With Chon on first, Dan should bat but Joe bats instead. Joe grounds into a double play. The defense then appeals the improper batter. Your Ruling: