Q. How are the Areas defined?

A. The BCPL Areas, links are available on our Home Page, are divided boundaries determined by the League. Our Boundaries do differ from the the Little League boundaries in Bay City. The are determined by items such as population, zip codes and in some cases school boundaries.

Q. Can Players pick where they want to Play?

A. NO all BCPL Players will play in their Home area. Players when they Register are required to use their legal Home Address. The penalty for an illegal player, or out of Area, is removal from the League and the loss of any wins for the team. 

     We believe that for every player that takes a roster spot on a team out of their Area it deny's another player in area the opportunity to play Pony Baseball.

Q. How long is your schedule?

A. Once we have the team numbers we then determine our League schedule. We try to have as many games possible for our players. We normally try to have a 22-game schedule along with our over-all League Tournament at the end of the season. The Over-all Tournament means we can add more games for our teams and players.

     Our season normally will start sometime in later April and ends about midweek around the third week of June. Our overall event normally runs about 8 to 10 days.

Q. What if a Player plays High School Baseball?

A. PONY Baseball allows for a Player to play two like sports at the same time. However the Michigan High School Association does not.

     The Bay County PONY League therefore has to have a Player Registered, Paid, and listed on a team roster. The team will start play in the BCPL Season and once the High School Player has finished with Baseball they simply take their place on the Roster.

Q. Has the BCPL looked at other options with these players?

A. We have had discussions ranging from filling rosters with extra Players to cutting the extra players when the High School Players return after the High School season is over.

     Our schedule is such that on an average season this actually effects less than 15 players per season spread out over 14 teams. We allow for a roster of 15-players. If a team has two players rostered that play High School the team still has 13-players to play their schedule. We feel it gives the team the opportunity to develop their younger players so that when the High School players return the Manager has a solid team of 15-players. We are here for kids to play baseball.

Q. I See you have a Colt-Palomino Division?

A. Our COLT-PALOMINO Division is for players age 15-18. The program is run primarily with and through the High Schools. If your Player is of High School age and plays High School Baseball talk to the Coach. The league schedule is played as Double-Hitters from about June 3 to July 3. 


Answers to your Questions

     Over the next few weeks you will start to see some commonly asked Questions about The Bay County Pony League. Hopefully they will make it easier to understand our program and the differences from other Leagues your players may have been involved in. 

Q. What is required from the players?

A. All Players are required to pay their Player Registration fee. If a Player doesn't make a team they are sent a refund. 

     The second requirement of the Player is two 4-hour shifts participation in our TAG DAY Weekend fundraiser. ALL Players are required to be a part of the event.

Q. What is Tag Day Weekend and how does it work?

A. Our Annual TAG DAY Weekend is a mandatory requirement for every player. Each Player is required to work 2-Shifts of 4-hours each, dressed in full baseball uniform minus their cleats, collecting funds for the League. Team Managers and Coaches contact local businesses and setup the dates and times. Though they follow the guidelines designed by the League of 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 1:00 to 5:00 pm, and 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday. The Saturday shifts are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

     This fundraiser is our largest event generating around $1,500.00 per team. The funds are ALL used by the League to finish out the season and as startup funds for the next season.

     For more information on TAG DAY WEEKEND discuss the matter with the Team Manager.

Q. What is the age dates for Pony in 2017?

A. The age dates for the 2016 season for all players born between May 1, 2002 and April 30, 2004.

Q. What is the player fee for 2017?

A. The player fee will remain at $125.00 for the 2017 season. 

Q. What is the Player Fee used for?

A. The player fee is used for a number of items. First it covers the players uniform, insurance, Pony Baseball registration, equipment, lights, umpires, field maintenance and other league costs.

Q. Do all Players make a team?

A. In almost all cases we are able to place most of the players. We are divided into 9-Areas and players are required to register in the area they live. Once registration has closed the player names are then given to the Managers in that District.

    Player tryouts are held and the Managers will draft the players for their teams. Returning Players are required to register yearly and each team has a set number of returners.

     Players that are not selected in their District are placed in our League Player Pool where Managers in need of players can select extra players.

Q. You mention returning players?

A. Our League allows a team to carry a Maximum of 8-fourteen year old players. Most teams try to have 7 to 8 returning players. There is NO limit on the number of 13-year old players. If a team did carry a full team of thirteen year olds they would need to cut 7-players the next season.

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