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2020 BCPL Quiz 1:
In each of the following, you are given a situation. Decide which answer is correct for Bay County Pony League play.

QUESTION 1:  B1 hits the ball down the right field line and F9 throws his glove at the ball, but dose not touch it. B1 trips over first and dose not advance any farther.
A.  B1 is awarded third
B.  B1 is awarded second
C.  The play stands
D.  F9 is ejected

QUESTION 2:  With no runners on base, B1 grounds into the hole at short. F6 fields the ball, but holds it when he sees he has no play at first. B1 makes a wide turn at first and is on his way back to the bag, when F6 decides to make a play. The throw goes into the stands. B1 is awarded:
A.  First, the base he was approaching.
B.  Second
C.  Third

QUESTION 3:  With no runners on base, B1 hits a high fly to short center. The wind-blown ball eludes F8 as B1 pulls into second. B1 rounds second, feint to third and is on his way back to second, when F8 fires the ball over F5's head into the dugout. B1 is awarded:
A.  Second the base he was approaching
B.  Third
C.  Home

QUESTION 4:  With R2 on second and R3 on third and two outs, B1 hits a home run. R3 scores; R2 misses third but touches the plate. Without an appeal, how many runs score?
A.  One
B.  Two
C.  Three

QUESTION 5:  With R1 on first, B1 hits into the gap in right center and the ball rolls to the fence. R1 misses second on his way to third, but realizes his error before reaching third. R1 returns to second finding B1 standing on the bag. B1 returns safely to first. At the end of playing action:
A.  B1 is out for touching second before R1.
B.  R1 is out for missing second since he could not return to touch it once B1 reached the base.
C.  R1 is out on appeal only for missing second since he could not return to touch it once B1 reached the base.
D.  Both runners are safe.

QUESTION 6:  One out, R2 on second, R1 on first. R1 breaks with the pitch. B1 hits a pop fly in the infield. The base umpire calls "infield fly." F6 unintentionally drops the ball and both runners are safe.
A.  The play stands; B1 is out and the runners remain on first and second.
B.  B1 is out and R1 must return to first.
C.  B1 is out and R1 remains at second.

QUESTION 7:  With no runners on base and one out, B1 with a 1-2 count swings and misses at a low pitch. The ball bounces off the dirt, hits the catcher's leg and rolls down the first base line. In his haste to get to first, B1 kicks the ball into the dugout.
A.  B1 is awarded first.
B.  B1 is awarded first only if the umpire judges he would have made it safely had the ball not gone into the dugout.
C.  B1 is out.
D.  B1 is out only if the umpire judges the kick was intentional.

QUESTION 8:  Which of the following results in a dead ball?
A.  A thrown ball hits a helmet lying outside the dugout.
B.  A fielder throws his glove at a batted ball but misses it.
C.  A thrown ball hits an umpire.
D.  A thrown ball hits a base runner.
E.  None of the above.
F.  All of the above.

QUESTION 9:  With R1 on first, B1 bunts down the first-base line. The ball rolls foul and is about to stop when B1 kick it in disgust. The plate umpire is certain it would not have rolled fair.
A.  Foul ball.
B.  B1 is out.
C.  R1 is out.
D.  B1 is ejected.

QUESTION 10:  With R3 on third and one out, B1 homers. R3 touches the plate and maliciously crashes into the Cather, who was standing out of the base path.
A.  R3 is out.
B.  B1 is out.
C.  R3 receives a warning.
D.  R3 scores and is ejected.
E.  A team warning is issued.

QUESTION 11:  The batting order is B1,B2,B3, etc. At the end of the fifth inning R2 is picked off for the third out while improper batter B3 was hitting with an 0-1 count. B2 should have been at the plate. To start the next inning:
A.  B3 is the legal hitter; since he started the at-bat in the previous inning, he is the legal batter.
B.  B2 is the legal hitter; the end of the inning did nothing to change that.
C.  The hitter will start the sixth inning with an 0-1 count.
D.  The defense can appeal for an advantageous fourth out for batting out of order.

QUESTION 12:  With no runners on base and a 3-2 count on the batter, F1 pitches from the set position, but dose not come to a stop. B1 swings and misses.
A.  Illegal pitch. A ball is awarded and B1 is entitled to first.
B.  B1 has struck out.
C.  The pitch is a "do over."

QUESTION 13:  With the base loaded and two outs, B1 homers, but misses first. How many runs score if an appeal is made.
A.  None.
B.  One.
C.  Three.
D.  Four.

QUESTION 14:  F1's first pitch to B1 hits the dirt in front of the plate, ricochets off the catcher's shin guard and hits B1 in the shin.
A.  B1 remains at bat.
B.  B1 goes to first.
C.  The ball is dead when it hits the ground.
D.  The ball is dead when it hits the catcher.
E.  The ball is dead when it hits B1.

QUESTION 15:  With R3 on third and one out, B1 hits a foul pop up near third base. R3 inadvertently prevents F5 from making the catch.
A.  B1 is out.
B.  R3 is out.
C.  R3 is out only if the interference was deliberate.

QUESTION 16:  With R1 on first, B1 lines one into the left-center gap. R1 misses third and as he touches the plate, the third base coach yells for him to return to third. R1 retouched home and after the ball arrives to F5, who is standing on third, R1 slides in untagged.
A.  R1 remains at third.
B.  R1 is out.
C.  R1's run counts.
D.  No play, once R1 touched the plate, he cannot return.
E.  The missed base can only be appealed after playing action is over.

QUESTION 17:  With R1 on first, R3 on third and one out, R1 breaks with the pitch. B1 lines to right center and F8 makes a sensational catch. R3 tags and scores, but R1 is doubled off first.
A.  R3's run always counts.
B.  R3's run never counts.
C.  R3's run counts only if he touched home before R1 was retired.
D.  R3's run counts unless the defense appeals that he didn't touch home before R1 was retired.

QUESTION 18:  B1 Dan hits a screaming line drive to deep center. F8 Joe makes a gallant effort, but the ball deflects off his glove and goes over the fence in fair territory.
A.  Home run.
B.  Three base award for Dan.
C.  Two base award for Dan.

QUESTION 19:  Which of the following do not result in an immediate dead ball?
A.  Runner interference.
B.  Batter interference.
C.  Base umpire interference.
D.  A fair batted ball touches a spectator.

QUESTION 20:  When obstruction occurs, the immediate result is:
A.  Always a delayed dead ball.
B.  Sometimes a dead ball.
C.  Never a delayed dead ball.
D.  Always an immediate dead ball.

** We'll publish the answers once our 2020 season has started.

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